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Beaverton School District
Beaverton School District

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Senior Inquiry Social Studies Learning Targets

Social Studies, Senior Inquiry (Soc Stud)

ALT 1 - Communication

Communicates effectively in various ways—through oral, written, graphic, numerical, and other visual means.

ALT 2 - Group Work

Works functionally and productively in a group setting.

ALT 3 - Meaning and Significance of Information

Understands and explains the meaning and significance of a wide variety of information.

ALT 4 - Other Viewpoints

Recognizes and evaluates the validity of other viewpoints, as well as the context and biases of their own perspective.

ALT 5 - Scholarly Information

Locates, applies and cites credible scholarly information from a variety of academic disciplines.,

ALT 6 - Rigorous Defense

Provides a rigorous, supported defense of their own knowledge claims.