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6th-8th Grade World Language Learning Targets

World Language, 6-8

(L1) ALT 1 - Culture

I can recognize and demonstrate understanding of cultural norms of the target language.

AST 1.1 - Polite and Non Verbal Cues  :  I can recognize and demonstrate basic polite behaviors and non-verbal cues related to level one topics.

AST 1.2 - ID Target Language Countries  :  I can demonstrate a general understanding of where the target language is spoken.

AST 1.3 -Differences in Register  :  I can explain differences in register.

AST 1.4 - Common First-Last Names  :   I can recognize common first and last names in the target culture.

(L1) ALT 2 - Listening

I can listen to and demonstrate comprehension of the target language.

AST 2.1 - Comprehension  :  I can demonstrate comprehension of messages from sources for a variety of purposes.

AST 2.2 - Comprehension by Writing-Speaking  :  I can demonstrate comprehension by writing or speaking in response to words or phrases using Level one topics.

(L1) ALT 3 - Speaking

I can speak comprehensibly to meet needs using the target language.

AST 3.1- Information and Ideas  :  I can describe and talk about information and ideas using Level one topics.

AST 3.2- Participate in Conversations  :  I can participate in conversations using basic sentences, everyday expressions, and memorized phrases.

AST 3.3 - Pronounce Words  :  I can pronounce words clearly enough to be understood by a sympathetic listener.

AST 3.4 - Miscommunication  :  I can explain some common events of miscommunication between speakers of English and the target language and what caused the miscommunication.

(L1) ALT 4 - Reading

I can read in the target language and demonstrate comprehension of the main idea and supporting details.

AST 4.1 - Printed Text and Videos  :  I can demonstrate comprehension of information read from a variety of printed text and videos.

AST 4.2 - Words, Signs, Phrases  :  I can read words, signs, phrases, sentences, and simple paragraphs of level one topics.

AST 4.3 - Conventions  :  I can read and comprehend target language conventions.

(L1) ALT 5 - Writing

I can write comprehensibly using the target language.

AST 5.1 - Short Phrases  :  I can write and compose short phrases, lists, simple sentences, simple paragraphs and letters using Level one topics.

AST 5.2 - Alphabet, Spelling  :  I can write using the target language alphabet, spelling, accents, and punctuation.

(L1) ALT 6 - Vocabulary and Grammar

I can demonstrate the correct use of the vocabulary and grammar appropriate to the topic(s) and level.

AST 6.1 - Proficiency in Vocabulary  :  I know and can demonstrate proficiency in a variety of vocabulary for communication in appropriate situations.

AST 6.2 - Demonstrate Grammatical Proficiency  :  I can demonstrate proficiency of level one grammar topics.