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High School Level 2 World Language Learning Targets

World Language, HS-Level 2

ALT 1 - Culture

I can recognize and demonstrate understanding of various aspects of the target language culture.

(L1-5) AST 2.1 - Common Themes  :  I can identify and analyze the connection between common themes of the target language culture, possibly beyond the classroom setting.

(L1-5) AST 2.2 - Compare, Contrast Themes  :  I can compare and contrast common themes in the first and second language cultures.

ALT 2 - Listening

I can demonstrate listening comprehension of verbal or signed language.

(L1-5) AST 2.1 - Main Idea, Supporting Details  :  I can identify the main idea and most of the supporting details of the message.

ALT 3 - Speaking

I can speak comprehensibly using the target language.

(L1-2) AST 3.1 - Message  :  Message: conveys a message appropriate to the audience and context of the situation using sentences, everyday expressions, and memorized phrases on level 1-2 topics.

(L1-2) AST 3.2 - Accuracy  :  Accuracy: speaks or signs accurately with appropriate vocabulary and grammar.

(L1-2) AST 3.3 - Frequency  :  Fluency: uses appropriate pronunciation, intonation, and fluidity when speaking, signing and/or reading aloud about about level 1-2 topics.

ALT 4 - Reading

I can read in the target language and demonstrate comprehension of the main idea and supporting details.

(L1-3) AST 4.2 - Comprehension  :  Comprehension: identifies information, main ideas and supporting details from a variety of printed text and/or videos with subtitles in the target language.  (e.g. words, signs, phrases, sentences and simple paragraphs appropriate to the level).

ALT 5 - Writing

I can write comprehensibly using the target language.

(L1-2) AST 5.1 - Composition  :  Composition: writes and composes short phrases, lists, simple sentences, simple paragraphs and a variety of texts using Level one and two topics.

(L1-2) AST 5.2 - Accuracy  :  Accuracy: writes accurately with appropriate vocabulary and grammar.

(L1-2) AST 5.3 - Ideas, Content  :  Ideas and Content:  writes using relevant, clearly organized ideas with appropriate supporting details.

ALT 6 - Vocab and Grammar

I can use vocabulary and grammar structures accurately.

(L1-5) AST 6.1 - Proficiency in Vocabulary  :  I know and demonstrate proficiency in a variety of vocabulary for communication in appropriate situations.

(L1-5) AST 6.2 - Demonstrate Grammatical Mastery  :  I can demonstrate mastery of grammatical concepts.