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Math Placement Testing

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Additional Accelerated Math Placement in Middle School


In Beaverton School District, 6th grade students are already on an accelerated math track. Our 6th and 7th grade math classes cover three years of math standards. The math pathway looks like this for middle school students:

Diagram of most common 6th, 7th, 8th grade math courses: Math 6/7, Math 7/8, AGS I

While some students may take Math 7/8 or even Alg/Geo/Stats I in 6th grade, the sequence of courses above is the path for the vast majority of math learners; additional acceleration would mean a student skips instruction on targets required for later courses. For a small number of students who have a high degree of proficiency in future learning targets, an adjustment to the math pathway may be appropriate. 

To help determine if a pathway adjustment is appropriate, your student can take a math placement test. If they demonstrate a high level of proficiency they may be considered for a single subject acceleration in math and placed into a more accelerated course.

This assessment is optional and about 90% of BSD students follow the course pathway shown above. Math requires strong foundational skills to be successful in high school and beyond. The math placement process is used to ensure all students are appropriately placed in middle school math courses.

For more information on middle school math courses and learning targets: click here.

For more information on testing see the FAQ below.

Test Request Forms

Select your prefered form language below to submit a test request for your student
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2024 Placement Testing Dates

March 1 - May 1:  Submit Test Requests using the forms above.

April 29 - May 14:  Math Placement Testing at all school sites. Specific dates for testing in each building can be found at the bottom of this page!

June 1: Placement recommendations based on testing shared with families.

The district will use ParentSquare to occasionally provide updates or information related to your test request. Click here for information about ParentSquare.

Frequently Asked Questions

Placement Results FAQ

2024 Placement Testing Dates & Locations for each School

April 29
Jacob Wismer (½ of the students testing)

May 1
Jacob Wismer  (½ of the students testing)
Bonny Slope

May 7
Oak Hills
Sexton Mountain
Cooper Mountain
Fir Grove
Terra Linda
West TV

May 8
Raleigh Hills
Scholls Heights
Beaver Acres
Flex Online
Nancy Ryles
Raleigh Park
Out-of-District Students

May 9
Meadow Park
William Walker 

May 10
Highland Park
Mountain View
Rock Creek

May 13
Stoller (½ of the students testing)
Five Oaks
Cedar Mill
Cedar Park

May 14
Stoller (½ of the students testing)
Errol Hassel