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Social Science Elementary Instructional Resources Review and Community Input

Community input from staff, students, parents, and community members is requested for the instructional resources being considered for adoption.  Please see below for Phase one Elementary School resources.  After previewing, please go to the Elementary School Input Form to provide your response.
When evaluating instructional materials for adoption in BSD K-12 Social Sciences, there are four working criteria, each of which is linked on the BSD Social Sciences website. We encourage you to review these criteria and to share your ideas and perspectives on the featured instructional materials.
There are four central operating criteria that were used for evaluating instructional materials in the Social Sciences:
Following your review of these criteria, we invite you to access the different instructional materials using the provided log-in information, and then to share your feedback on the materials in the linked Google Form.
For the purpose of this community review, we will only be using standards 2 through 7 from BSD Policy IIA-AR - Instructional Resources/Instructional Materials.  These standards are below. 
BSD Policy IIA-AR - Instructional Resources/Instructional Materials Standards 2-7:
Standard 2:   Materials shall meet high standards of quality in:  factual content, educational significance, readability, artistic quality and/or literary style presentation, physical format and technical quality.
Standard 3:   Materials shall be appropriate for the ability level, learning styles, emotional and social development of the students for whom the materials are selected.
Standard 4:   Materials shall promote growth in factual knowledge and critical thinking.
Standard 5:   Materials shall stimulate growth in the areas of literary appreciation, social and aesthetic values and ethical standards.
Standard 6:   Selected materials shall support a balanced approach to controversial issues that will include representation of various points of view even when those opinions represented are controversial.  The inclusion of controversial materials does not imply endorsement of the ideas by district personnel.
Standard 7:   Materials shall represent the contribution of all people regardless of age; gender; belief system (e.g., religious, spiritual, political, social); racial, ethnic and cultural origin; socio-economic background, diverse ability or disability.
You will also have an opportunity to share open-ended feedback on the materials.
After previewing the instructional resources being considered for the Elementary Social Science Adoption, please go to the Elementary School Input Form to provide your response.
Comprehensive Core Platform: InquirEd’s Inquiry Journeys: K-5 Social Studies 
Variety of Targeted K-5 Materials/Multiple Sources
  • BSD Social Sciences Project Team presentations on Targeted Materials/Multiple Sources
  • Sample Booklists
    • The draft book lists are examples of titles that may be included in book bins.  The final lists will be revisited and updated regularly based on teacher and student feedback and available for review. These texts will be used with students in the context of serving as mentor texts and/or targeted and shared read-alouds and would be part of classroom libraries. The titles are aligned and consistent with the 2021 Social Sciences standards - specifically the integrated ethnic studies standards - and were evaluated with IIA/AR standards, amongst other criteria. Please note that all K-5 books would be paired with additional instructional materials such as interactive and online resources, and that grade level units of inquiry would be developed with a consultant to include essential questions, additional resources, and local, grade-level specific resources (i.e. Oregon Tribal History).
    • Grade 1 sample draft book list
    • Grade 4 sample draft book list
    • Specialized Programs sample draft book list
  • Samples of informational texts 
    • Portland Biographies: Oregon Historical Society, 2022 (Grade 3)
    • Portland Becomes a City: Oregon Historical Society, 2022 (Grade 3)
    • Since Time Immemorial: Oregon Historical Society, 2022 (Grades 3-4)
      • Note about Oregon Historical Society texts: These texts are DRAFTS and have not been finalized in significant ways, including by obtaining final image permissions and feedback from teachers as well as relevant individuals, family members, and community organizations. This reader is to be used for review and feedback only, and all digital and paper copies are to be destroyed once you have completed the review and provided feedback. Please do not post or distribute in any public forum. Your review of these texts indicates you have agreed to these terms. If you have any questions about these restrictions, please send a message to
Thank you in advance for your time and thoughtful consideration! Please submit all feedback by 5/8/22.