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Pre-K requirements include the following:

  • Students must be 4 years old on or before September 1.
  • Families must meet income eligibility requirements (between 100%-200% of poverty level).
  • Students must live within the school boundaries.

Families who do not meet the above requirements will be placed on the waitlist and only admitted if space is available.

Schools with Pre-K Programs 2024-2025

Aloha Huber Park (full dual language)
Barnes (full dual language)
Beaver Acres
Fir Grove 
Hazeldale (dual language available)
McKay (full day)
McKinley (dual language available)
Raleigh Park (new site)
Vose (dual language available)
William Walker (dual language available)

First page of the PDF file: Pre-KDistrictCalendar-English

Pre-K Registration 

Inscripciones de Pre-Kínder

First Day of Pre-K at Beaver Acres Elementary

Our pre-K program helps children develop a strong foundation for lifetime of learning using current research about early education and child brain development, our experience as educators, and what we know about the experiences of our families. We are committed to building culturally responsive, nurturing environments that are inclusive of all children — particularly children with developmental delays or disabilities, who speak languages other than English, children of color and children living in poverty.

As we work with children, we will:

  • Consider what is known about child development and learning, what is known about each individual child, and what is known about the social, linguistic and cultural contexts in which each child lives.
  • Concentrate on all domains of child development, focusing on the whole child and remembering that children construct their learning in progressions and on a developmental continuum.
  • Work to develop each child’s sense of self as the foundation of their social emotional growth.
  • Remember that children learn through experiences on their way to developing the ability to translate what they know about their environment to abstract thoughts.
  • Create opportunities for children to interact with interesting challenges in their environment through inquiry and play as a way to build their brains.
  • Celebrate the ways that children learn from each other and create space for peer interaction as a tool for learning.
  • Work to build relationships with each of our students because we know that a warm and nurturing bond with their teacher supports the development of empathy, self-regulation and a strong self-concept.  
  • View and work with every child in the context of their culture, their family and their community.
  • Commit to connecting with families and caregivers, valuing their diverse perspectives and cultural knowledge. We will work with them as partners in their child’s education.

Young children inspire us with their curiosity, playfulness and sense of wonder about the world around them. We see the core of our work as celebrating and understanding the strengths and great capacity of young children; working to sculpt their minds so they become powerful thinkers; and building pre-K  programs worthy of their capabilities.



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