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Cultural & Religious Holidays & Observances

The Beaverton School District has a richly diverse student population. To support our students and reduce conflicts between their academic achievement and observation of important cultural and religious traditions, the BSD School Board has revised Policy IGACA - Recognition and Accommodation of Religious and Cultural Beliefs, Customs and Observances. We see this policy as an opportunity for our school communities to better understand and appreciate all our families’ backgrounds and traditions. 

Some key points include:

  • A student will be given an excused absence from school on the day of their cultural or religious holiday or observance. A parent/guardian should call the school’s main office to report the excused absence.

  • If a student misses a test or assignment, the teacher will provide a meaningful opportunity and reasonable time to make up the missed assessment or work. We encourage families to communicate potential conflicts in advance so that teachers have time to make reasonable accommodations.

  • Make-up opportunities will not be required on the school day immediately after a student’s absence related to a cultural or religious holiday or observance.

  • Schools will avoid scheduling important events on these major holidays: Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, Diwali, Christmas, Lunar New Year, Easter, Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha. The district developed this list with input from the community; it is limited and does not reflect all important cultural and religious holidays.

  • Teachers will avoid scheduling tests on the above days. They also are encouraged to avoid scheduling tests or making major assignments due on the day immediately following one of these days, respecting that impacted students may be unable to study on the holiday or may be affected by fasting or late-night observances.

  • There may be circumstances in which scheduling events or assessments on these days is necessary or outside the control of the school, but those exceptions will be rare.

Downloadable Accommodation of Students’ Cultural and Religious Observances 2022-2025

Downloadable Accommodation of Students’ Cultural and Religious Observances 2024-2027

Do-Not-Schedule Dates

Holiday 2023-2024
School Year Dates
School Year Dates
School Year Dates

Rosh Hashanah

Sunset Friday, September 15-nightfall Sunday, September 17

Sunset Wednesday, October 2-
nightfall Friday, October 4

Sunset Monday, September 22-nightfall Wednesday, September 24

Yom Kippur

Sunset Sunday, September  24-nightfall Monday, September 25

Sunset Friday, October 11-
nightfall Saturday, October 12

Sunset Wednesday, October 1-nightfall Thursday, October 2


Sunday, November 12

Friday, November 1

Monday, October 20


Monday, December 25

Wednesday, December 25

Thursday, December 25

Lunar New Year

Saturday, February 10

Wednesday, January 29

Tuesday, February 17


Sunday, March 31

Sunday, April 20

Sunday, April 5

Eid al-Fitr*

Likely sunset Tuesday, April 9-Wednesday, April 10

Likely sunset Sunday, March 30-Monday, March 31

TBD: Likely sunset Thursday, March 19-Friday, March 20

Eid al-Adha*

Likely sunset Sunday,  June 16-Monday, June 17

Likely sunset Friday, June 6-Saturday, June 7

TBD: Likely sunset Tuesday, May 26-Wednesday, May 27

*Estimated dates due to the lunar calendar; dates are determined based on when the crescent moon is sighted in North America. Please check the calendar closer to the holiday.

You also can find a supplemental calendar of holidays and observances below; again, this list is not exhaustive and does not reflect all cultural and religious observances. Schools and teachers will be aware of these dates when scheduling events, tests and major projects. The calendar also will be shared with school PTOs and PTCs for event planning purposes.

Supplemental Calendar of Holidays and Observances


Observance Notes

2023-2024 School Year Dates

2024-2025 School Year Dates

2025-2026 School Year Dates

Al Hijra*

Islamic New Year, cultural celebration

Evening Tuesday, July 18-evening Wednesday, July 19

Evening Sunday, July 7-evening Monday, July 8

Evening Monday, June 15-Tuesday, July 14

Mid-autumn Festivals

Important holiday in the cultures of many East Asian countries; holidays include Moon or Mooncake Festival (China), Chuseok (Korea), Tsukimi (Japan), Tết Trung Thu (Vietnam).

Moon Festival: Friday, September 29

Chuseok: Thursday, September 28-Saturday, September 30

Tsukimi: Friday, September 29-Monday, October 2

Tết Trung Thu: Nightfall Thursday, September 28-Friday, September 29

Moon Festival: Tuesday, September 17

Chuseok: Monday, September 16-
Wednesday, September 18

Tsukimi: Tuesday, September 17-
Friday, September 20

Tết Trung Thu: Nightfall Monday, September 16-Tuesday, September 17

Moon Festival: Monday, October 6

Chuseok: Sunday, October 5-Tuesday, October 7

Tsukimi: Monday, October 6-Thursday, October 9 

Tết Trung Thu: Nightfall Sunday October 5-Monday, October 6

Durga Puja 

(especially days 3–5)

Hindu festival

Sunday, October 22- Tuesday, October 24

Friday, October 11- Sunday, October 13

Monday, September 29-Thursday, October 2


Hindu festival

Tuesday, October 24

Saturday, October 12 

Thursday, October 2


Jewish holiday

Sunset Friday, September 29–nightfall Sunday, October 1

Sunset Wednesday, October 16–nightfall Friday, October 18

Sunset Monday, October 6-nightfall Monday, October 13

Shemini Atzeret

Jewish holiday

Sunset Friday, October 6-nightfall Saturday, October 7

Sunset Wednesday, October 23-nightfall Thursday, October 24

Sunset Monday, October 13-nightfall Wednesday, October 15

Simchat Torah

Jewish holiday

Sunset Saturday, October 7-nightfall Sunday, October 8

Sunset Thursday, October 24-nightfall Friday, October 25

Sunset Tuesday, October 14-nightfall Wednesday, October 15

Five Days of Diwali

Hindu Festival of Lights 

Sunday, November 12-Thursday, November 16

Thursday, October 31-Monday, November 4

Monday, October 20-Friday, October 24

Día de los Muertos/ Day of the Dead

Mexican cultural celebration

Evening Wednesday, November 1-evening Thursday, November 2 

Evening Friday, November 1-evening Saturday November 2 

Evening Saturday, November 1-evening Sunday, November 2 


Sikh festival

Monday, November 27

Friday, November 15

Wednesday, November 5

Our Lady of Guadalupe

Mexican Catholic celebration

Tuesday, December 12

Thursday, December 12

Friday, December 12


African-American cultural celebration

Tuesday, December 26-Monday, January 1

Thursday, December 26-
Wednesday, January 1

Thursday, December 26-
Wednesday, January 1


Japanese cultural holiday; January 1 is the official New Year holiday. Celebrations may continue through the week, particularly the first three days. 

Monday, January 1-Wednesday, January 3

Wednesday, January 1-Friday, January 3

Thursday, January 1-Saturday, January 3

Three Kings Day 

Christian holiday

Saturday, January 6

Monday, January 6

Tuesday, January 6


Hindu harvest festival

Monday,  January 15-Thursday, January 18

Tuesday, January 14-Friday,  January 17

Wednesday, January 14-Saturday, January 17

Saraswati Puja

Hindu festival

Wednesday, February 14

Sunday, February 2

Friday, January 23


Persian New Year

Thursday, March 21

Friday, March 21

Saturday, March 21

Passover Seder

The Jewish Seder feast is held on the first two nights of Passover. Recommended: Avoid scheduling important evening events, if possible. 

Evening of Monday, April 22 & evening of Tuesday, April 23

Evening of Saturday, April 12 & evening of Sunday, April 13

Evening of Wednesday, April 1-evening of Thursday, April 2


Some Jewish families observe food restrictions. Recommended: Avoid scheduling food-focused events, if possible. Some students may be absent from school on the first day or first two days following the sunset start.

Sunset Monday, April 22-nightfall Tuesday, April 30

Sunset Saturday, April 12-nightfall Sunday, April 20

Sunset Wednesday, April 1-nightfall Thursday, April 9


Hindu festival

Monday, March 25

Friday, March 14

Tuesday, March 4


During the Islamic holy month, some Muslim families fast from sunrise to sunset each day. Recommended: Avoid scheduling physically rigorous or food-focused events, if possible. Avoid scheduling tests later in the day, if possible. 

Likely evening of Sunday, March 10-Tuesday, April 9

Likely evening of Friday, February 28-Sunday, March 30 

Likely evening of Wednesday, February 18-Thursday, March 19

Holy Week, including
Good Friday

Christian observance

Sunday, March 24-
Saturday, March 30 

Sunday, April 13-Saturday, April 19

Sunday, March 29-Saturday, April 4


Buddhist holiday

Thursday, May 23 

Monday, May 12 

Friday, May 1


Hindu & Sikh holiday

Saturday, April 13

Monday, April 14

Tuesday, April 14

Mother’s Day (Mexico)

Mexican cultural celebration

Friday, May 10

Saturday, May 10

Sunday, May 10


Jewish holiday

Sunset Tuesday, June 11-nightfall Thursday,  June 13

Sunset Sunday, June 1-nightfall Tuesday, June 3

Sunset Thursday, May 21-nightfall Saturday, May 23


District closed for state & federal holiday

Wednesday, June 19

Thursday, June 19

Friday, June 19

* Estimated dates due to the lunar calendar; dates are determined based on when the crescent moon is sighted in North America. Please check the calendar closer to the holiday.