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Beaverton School District
Beaverton School District

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Signal to Noise Film Festival

Poster 2



Anne E Brinkerhoff • Elmonica

Lucky and His Family

Dasha Buyun • Cedar Hills

Is It Cheese or Moon?

Aarav Jain • Jacob Wismer

Hide and Seek

Ellen Kwon • Bonny Slope

Climate Change

Satya Morrow • Bethany

Mountains and Valleys

Owen Patterson, Ayush Agrawal • Bonny Slope

Walking to School in the 1930’s

Ashleigh Shonge•  Elmonica

The Return

Sansita Premchander • Bethany

The Seed of Change

Natalie White, Zatinya Goldstein • Oak Hills

The Excluding Sphero

Aldrin Lyman • Fir Grove

Picture Day

Srisudhanvaa Sankara Subramanian • Elmonica

Save Our Earth


Middle School

Seyon S., Dheeraj B., Emerson C. • Stoller

The Fire Alarm

Demi Owojori and Rylee Birdsall • Tumwater

The Evolution of Typewriters

Bodhi Snow • ACMA

Eat It!

Mountain View Video Club • Mountain View

School Alone

Julia Martinez • FLEX

Fairy Fixer

Lily Eaton, Keerthana Rahul, Aveah Haston, Isabella Sifuentez • Stoller


Zane Cooper • ACMA

A Math Teacher’s Weekend

Isadora Mefford • Tumwater

The Dog Gone Plot

Kirana Fahmi and Mazzy Hopkins • Highland Park

Where'd You Get That Wicked Tat?

Sofia Iregui and Katherine Ueno • Meadow Park

Climate Change

Audrey Hou • Tumwater

The Colors of Spring

Bohdi Snow • ACMA

Ninja 101

Matvey Bas • ACMA



 High School Animation

Mayu Garner • ACMA

Go to Space Club

Annice Han • Westview

Can It

Anthony Truong Dinh • Westview

Mage Ball


High School Comedy

Mason Lewis, Zoie Lawson • Mountainside

The Heist

Jacob Torpy, Anton Perkins, Damien Rydman & More • Mountainside

Los Muertos Vivientes

Aaron Agard • BASE

Two Negatives


High School Drama

Dexter Gill, Aylin Squirrel, Nick Ezechie • ACMA


Runn Korad, Jay Stafford, Maia Schamp-Guildner • ACMA

Mono Key

Sara Calene, Olivia Black, Andrea Simpson • Mountainside




Sandeep Brijesh Pillai • BASE

Restaurant Owner in Portland

Ian Yueh • Westview

Lighting: Frozen, The Musical at Westview

Jonathan Adarsh, Chris Valmores • Westview

Westview Creative Design Documentary


Zoie Lawson and Mason Lewis  • Mountainside

The Neo Front

Katherine Ly and Olivia Gisler • Westview

The Dream

Kyle See and Byron Zenith • Westview

Kyle Found Sound!

Music Video

Sophia Nava, Phillip Kaufmann, Arturo Leyva Lopez, Jordan Reeves • Aloha

Aloha Living Room Concert #3

Maia Schamp-Guildner, Aiya Aoki, Miriam Au • ACMA

Body Language

Maddie Redding • Mountainside

The Cast List




Signal-to-Noise 2023 will be held at Mountainside High School Thursday, May 4th:

5:30 • Doors Open

6:00 • Elementary Awards

6:30 • Middle School Awards

7:30 • High School Awards


Follow us on Instagram (@s2nfestival) Facebook (Signal to Noise) and Twitter (@s2nfestival) to find out the winners for 2022!

S2N Presenters
S2N Award Winners
video camera set on tripod capturing student presenter on stage
Presenter on stage at Signal to Noise
two students present documentary finalists
two high schoolers present documentary film finalists
festival attendees in the hallway
Two boys present finalists on the stage
elementary students stand on stage after winning an award
two girls stand on stage after winning an award