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Simple blue and white penguin drawing

Here are some activities that are connected to your grade level standards at this point in the year to keep you learning while you are at home.  Please do all 4 of the activities listed on the top of each page including reading, writing, math, health, and PE.

After you have completed the top portion, you get to move to the choice board on the bottom.  Look through the activities and chose some to complete depending on how much time you have.

If you don’t have a specific supply, choose a different activity or just do the best you can.  

Show off your creativity, innovative thinking, and most importantly have FUN learning! We are eager to see what you can accomplish!

We look forward to having you back at school soon!

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Click on each mitten to go to the day's activities. 

Click Home to go back to the BSD At Home start page.

Simple drawing of a house
Day 01
Mittens Day 1
Day 02
Mittens Day 2
Day 03
Mittens Day 3
Day 04
Mittens Day 4
Day 05
Mittens Day 5
Day 06
Mittens Day 6
Day 07
Mittens Day 7
Day 08
Mittens Day 8
Day 09
Mittens Day 9
Day 10
Mittens Day 10
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