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Day 1

Three penguins on snow with snowflakes behind them
Day 01
Mittens Day 1
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Welcome to Day 1!

Simple drawing of a house
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Watch and listen to the story called “Tacky the Penguin” by Helen Lester

Draw a picture of the story you just watched.

Read a book to an adult, grown-up or sibling in your home.

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Practice writing your name. Can you find the letters of your name around your house?

Take a picture and/or video & share it with your teacher.

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Spend time each day playing with your favorite things - will you play with dolls? Cars? Animals? Stuffies? Your sibling?

What and where will you play today?

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5 Little Penguins Activity with Teacher Molly.*

5 Little Penguins sing along.

*Don’t have playdough? You could try little paper balls, figurines, or other small items from around your house!*

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Two penguins in front of sign that says %22Today's choice board%22
Paint palette with paintbrush

Listen to the book Maybe Something Beautiful by F. Isabel Campoy and Theresa Howell.  Draw what your wall mural would look like.

Person dancing with a musical note next to them

Listen to music and try to move to the beat.  Try exploring this site.

Simple outline of a black dog

Use simple household materials or recycling to create a toy.  What age(s) is your toy designed for?

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