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Day 10

Three penguins on snow with snowflakes behind them
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Mittens Day 10

Welcome to Day 10!

Simple drawing of a house
Blue line


Watch and listen to the story called “Are You Ready to Play Outside” by Mo Willems

Draw a picture of the story you just watched.

Read a book to an adult, grown-up or sibling in your home. 

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Practice writing your name. With help from an adult, can you use different things to write it with? (Pencil, pen, crayon, marker, chalk, watercolor, finger paint, etc.).

Take a picture and/or video & share it with your teacher.

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Spend time each day playing with your favorite things - will you play with dolls? Cars? Animals? Stuffies? Your sibling?

What and where will you play today?

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Two penguins in front of sign that says %22Today's choice board%22
Smiley Face

Make a list of at least 20 wonderful things about YOU!!  Ask others what they would add to that list.

Red crayon

Watch the wordless book Journey by Aaron Becker.  If you had a red crayon like the main character, what would you draw?

Black mask and white mask with smiles representing drama

Create a play using your stuffed animals or toys, and share it with someone.

Baseball that is rolling forward

Come up with 3 ways to get a toy car or ball to move without touching it.  Which way moves it the farthest?

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