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Dual Language Programs

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In dual language programs, students are taught literacy and academic content in both English and a partner language. Currently, BSD has Spanish-English dual language programs at five elementary schools, one K-8 school, two middle schools and three high schools in addition to a Mandarin Chinese-English dual language program at one elementary school.

The mission of dual language education is to honor and develop multilingual, multiliterate and multicultural students through a rigorous, culturally inclusive education while empowering them to become agents of change in a global community. The vision of the BSD dual language program is that:

  • All students attain a high level of bilingualism and biliteracy in two or more languages.
  • All students value their bilingualism and biliteracy as positive assets.
  • All students meet or exceed grade-level learning targets in all subject areas.
  • All students learn to value the diversity of ​our community’s cultures and gain sociocultural competence.
  • All students graduate with the Oregon Seal of Biliteracy and are well prepared to thrive as global citizens.

Dual language classes are not the same as World Language classes. While dual language encompasses both language and subject content acquisition, World Language is focused on language acquisition at the middle and high school level. Some BSD high schools require at least two credits of a World Language toward a student's graduation requirement. 

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Dual Language Programs

El Programa de Lenguaje Dual