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Feeding Team

The BSD Feeding Team is a multidisciplinary, collaborative team, which includes staff representation from Speech Language Pathology, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, and Nursing. The licensed members of the team work within the scope of their professional practice to ensure safe oral eating at school for students with oral motor or swallowing difficulties.

Responsibilities of the team include:

 • Assessing students referred for feeding difficulties.

 • Developing recommendations or written protocols for safe eating.

 • Providing general safe eating education to staff.

 • Providing training to staff to implement feeding protocols.

 • Providing ongoing monitoring, consultation and evaluation.

 • Providing coordination with or referral to community medical agencies as needed.

Referral Indicators:

 • Students who are unable to feed themselves

 • Health factors that may affect safe eating or nutrition

 • Has required the Heimlich maneuver

 • History of aspiration pneumonia or frequent respiratory illness

 • Requires modified food or liquid texture to eat or drink safely

 • Requires individualized preparation of food for safe eating

There are other feeding issues that can affect students at school such as texture aversions, selective food choices, and stuffing behaviors. Although these issues may require meal time accommodations, the Feeding Team follows only students with oral motor and/or swallowing impairments. The Feeding Team may assist school teams by offering accommodation suggestions for all students.