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Emotional Growth Center

The Emotional Growth Center (EGC) is a specialized program providing structure, and a wide array of positive interventions to students whose severe behavioral, emotional and social concerns prevent them from successfully accessing the curriculum in a less restrictive school setting.

Students in this program have not responded to interventions and support in a less restrictive school setting, and continue to face challenges with emotional regulation and behavior. This program has supports embedded to address lagging skills with self-regulation and interpersonal relationships.  The program fosters growth through:

  • Intensive individual and program-wide social, emotional, and behavioral instruction

  • Behavioral support delivered through both individual and group incentives and interventions

  • The school psychologist provides consultation to the classroom teacher to assist with implementing individual and group protocols to help students better establish and maintain positive peer relationships

  • Specially designed instruction for identified areas of social-emotional needs, along with academics 

  • Opportunities to participate in general education experiences, which increases over time and with success

  • Evidenced-based classroom management strategies and curricula designed for students with behavioral challenges

  • Heightened classroom structure and routines aimed at helping students form habits that support both learning and positive peer interactions

  • Students in this program have access to modified academic curriculum, if needed, based on their IEP

  • Access to general education opportunities as described by individual inclusion plans

Watch this video to learn more about the EGS at Hiteon Elementary.