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Beaverton School District
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Emotional Learning Center

The Emotional Learning Center (ELC) is a specialized program, which provides intensive specially designed instruction and necessary related services in emotional regulation, behavior management and social skills. Counseling service and classroom consultation with a Social Worker are essential components of this program. The program fosters growth through:

  •  Highly structured individual setting

  •  Individual counseling and skill building

  •  Individualized counseling plan and support from mental health specialist

  •  Individualized behavior support plans

  •  Individualized de-escalation plans

  •  Social engagement skill building

  •  Carefully planned schedules and transitions

  •  Parent/caregiver training and support

  •  Coordination with community-based providers as needed

  • Students in this program have access to modified academic curriculum, if needed, based on their IEP.

  • Access to general education opportunities as described by individual inclusion plans