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Beaverton School District
Beaverton School District

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Structured Learning Center

The Structured Learning Center (SLC) is a highly structured specialized program for students who require significant behavioral, sensory and adaptive supports. Students have needs in the areas of social-emotional regulation, behavior management, communication, functional academics, independence, self-care, pre-vocational skills, and life skills. Academic curriculum delivered in the program is modified. The program fosters growth through:

  • Structured classroom settings - predictable schedules, consistent expectations, and behavior supports 

  • Highly structured and individualized schedule for each student

  • Individualized behavior support plan

  • Focus on modified curriculum, functional life skills, social skills, adaptive skills and communication

  • Significant behavioral supports which may include the use of a safe/seclusion room 

  • Multi-modal communication supports are embedded within the classroom structure

  • Access to general education opportunities as described by individual inclusion plans