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We Believe Art Literacy...

Encourages students to think creatively and to problem solve, which prepares them for their futures. 

Helps students to learn how to observe, something naturalists, climatologists, writers, and doctors need to know how to do.

Gives students the opportunities to form mental imagesan ability chemists, engineers, architects, designers, and inventors use to think up new ideas.

Celebrates many perspectives. Students learn to value diverse views and cultures, which is ever important in a global society.

Communicates ideas and emotions of the human spirit, connecting us to our history, traditions, and heritage. 

Provides an artistic platform for students to realize that there are many ways to see and interpret our beautiful world.

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For Art Literacy program information or questions about volunteering, please contact the Art Literacy Coordinator Ann Peplinski.

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The Red House Camille Pissarro

The Red House by Camille Pissarro