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BSD Health Careers 2022

In the first year, I liked learning about CPR, getting certified, and teaching it to other people. The second year of the course focuses on community-based clinical rotations, which gives you the chance to experience the environment of the profession and to talk to people who have been through the training necessary. All in all, it’s a really great experience."

​~AHS Student

Diagram of Beaverton High School Health Careers Course Offerings



  • Explore the human body, diseases, prevention, and treatment

  • Practice proper patient care

  • Measure vital signs and obtain certifications in CPR, AED, and first aid

  • Develop healthcare specific communication skills interacting with co-workers, patients, and families

  • Communicate health information accurately and professionally

  • Adhere to safety, privacy, legal, and ethical practices essential in a healthcare workplace




The Health Careers Half-Day program is open to students from all comprehensive high schools.  Sign up during forecasting in the Spring.  Make sure the courses are listed as your first choice.  If a course has more interested students than enrollment space, a lottery will be conducted.  District transportation is provided between a student’s home high school and Beaverton High School.

Click on each tab to see what courses are offered for students at each grade level. 


Interested in what kind of training might come after high school? Want to know specific incomes for the state of Oregon? Click the photo below or here for Oregon Career Explorer.

three photos showcasing different jobs in health industry, income ranges from $26-75,000 annually