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2024 High School Intensive Summer Math and Health

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Program Description

Intensive Summer Version (ISV) courses are designed for Beaverton School District high school students who seek advancement in a course sequence that a standard 4-year high school schedule will not allow. These courses provide the same content coverage and rigor as their classroom counterparts but in a highly accelerated format. The goal is for students to gain the skills, knowledge, and experience needed for success in the next course in the sequence.

These online courses use a combination of FLEX online curriculum and assessment and teacher curated materials. Due to their compressed nature, students are required to complete a significant portion of coursework independently. Discipline and excellent time management are required. These courses are not available for credit-recovery or to enable early release or late arrival.

Please note that due to staffing limitations, students may enroll in only one Intensive Summer course per summer.


  • ISV Math - Any current 8th or 9th grader who will attend a BSD school in 2024/25

  • ISV Health - Any current 9th -11th grader who will attend a BSD school in 2024/25


  • Proven track record of success in the subject - A’s in all previous like-content courses and strong standardized test scores

  • Proven attendance record, highly organized, persistent and disciplined

  • If taking Health 2, student must have passed Health 1

Credits and Grading

  • ISV Math courses have the potential for 1.0 credit (full year).

  • ISV Health courses have the potential for .5 credit.

  • Courses are graded A - C. No marks lower than C will be transcripted or earn credit.  No credit will be earned for courses not placed on transcripts. Incompletes are not awarded in summer.

Forecasting for Fall 2024

  • After successful completion of ISV course, student works with their high school counselor to revise their fall schedule.

  • Completion of an ISV course does not guarantee placement into the next course in the fall. The student's high school makes the final determination.

International Access:  Students are unable to access BSD computer applications outside of the United States unless we arrange international access for them.

  • A couple weeks before the start of the course we will email a form to registered students.
  • If you plan on traveling out of the U.S. during this course, please submit this form with the dates student will need international access.


  • ISV Health - $350 (single semester course)
  • ISV Math - $700 (full year course)
  • If you are registered for Free/Reduced Lunch, your course fee will automatically be waived


Please click on the registration button in the Math or Health section below.  After we receive your submitted registration, we will verify student eligibility and send a confirmation email. Fees can take a few days to appear on student accounts.

Withdrawal and Refund Policy

All withdrawals must be in written (electronic) form. 

  • Full refunds if withdrawn by one week prior to course start date
  • From one week prior and up to the course start date, a fee may be charged for withdrawals
  • No refunds after course start date

Total student enrollment and staffing will determine the number of classes we are able to offer.

Detailed information per subject can be found in the links below.

Intensive Summer Programs:

Code of Conduct:
All students are expected to treat all staff and other students with respect.  Students who fail to do so will be asked to leave the program. The rules and regulations in the Student and Family Handbook from the prior school year are still in effect.

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