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2023 High School Intensive Summer Math and Health

Intensive Summer Program information for Summer 2023 will be updated in Spring of 2023. The information below is from Summer 2022.  Much remains the same from year to year so you may find answers to your questions.

Intensive Summer Version (ISV) courses are designed for students who want to move forward in a course sequence at a quicker pace than their high school schedule will allow. These courses provide the same content as the matching course offered during the school year, but in a highly accelerated format. The goal is for students to gain the skills, knowledge, and experience needed for success in the next course.

Due to the shortened timeline and the remote learning format, students in these courses are required to complete a significant portion of studying and coursework independently. For example, ISV Math students must begin learning the material on their own before the regular school year has ended.

2022 Intensive Summer Version Courses Offered are AGSII, Accelerated AGSIII, Health 1, and Health 2. Students may enroll in only one Intensive Summer course per summer.

International Access:  If the student will travel out of the U.S. during the summer course, we must enable international access for them.  To request international access for an ISV course, please email with the dates during the course when you will need international access.  If you do not inform us, you may lose access to BSD applications.

Please open the sections below to learn more about Intensive Summer Versions of Math or Health.  Each section contains dates, costs, and registration information. Financial Aid is available. Please speak to your school counselor if you need financial aid with summer school. 

Intensive Summer Programs:

For information regarding Summer 2022 Credit Recovery and 8.5/9.5 opportunities, please watch for updates to the Summer School website at your neighborhood comprehensive high school.

Code of Conduct:
All students are expected to treat all staff and other students with respect.  Students who fail to do so will be asked to leave the program. The rules and regulations in the Student and Family Handbook from the prior school year are still in effect. All rules and regulations will be reviewed the first day of class.

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