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Suicide Intervention

First page of the PDF file: SuicideInterventionProcessFlowchart

School counselors, social workers, school psychologists and administrators often become aware of a student who poses a risk for suicide through concerns brought to them by staff, other students, parents or from direct referral by the student. A suicide risk screening will need to be completed for every student expressing thoughts of suicide. 

If imminent danger exists, phone 911 or the School Resource Officer immediately. This is especially important if the student of concern has skipped school altogether or left the campus and a plan to suicide is discovered.

If a student is having thoughts of suicide, there is suicide risk. If imminent danger is not present but a concern about suicide risk exists, the School Screener initiates the screening process. If suicidal thoughts are not present, a full screening is not necessary. The screener can still complete the support plan and implement other interventions as needed.

  1. A Level 1 Suicide Screening is conducted by a School Screener. The School Screener interviews the student and completes the Suicide Screening Form. The School Screener consults with another trained School Screener to determine if a Level 2 Suicide Assessment is warranted. The Screener can also consult the Washington County Crisis Line at 503-291-9111.
  2. A Level 2 Suicide Assessment by a Qualified Mental Health Professional may be necessary based upon information gathered in the Level 1 Screening.