Jacob Wismer Supplemental Plan

Jacob Wismer Supplemental Plan for 2021/2022


The primary reason for providing transportation for students within the 1- and 1.5-mile zones is lack of sufficient infrastructure for a safe walkway (e.g. no sidewalks, no designated walkways away from traffic, need to cross major traffic arterials, etc.).  A committee comprised of BSD Transportation, Public Safety, and Risk Management staff along with representatives from the City of Beaverton Traffic Department, Washington County Land Use, Washington County Safe Routes to School, and the THPRD Planning Department evaluate planned & completed road and pedestrian access improvements within BSD boundaries and determine their effect on student transportation.  In many cases, road and sidewalk improvements have a positive effect on school accessibility by creating safe walking routes for students living nearby who are presently transported by school buses.

Westside Trail

THPRD’s urban trail system helps residents and their families enjoy the outdoors and spend quiet time away from the rush of today’s world. THPRD trails also provide a great way to get to work, the grocery store or to a friend's house while getting exercise and living a healthy lifestyle. All 3,600 acres of THPRD properties, including our parks and trails, are smoke-free.

Extending north to south, the Westside Trail is one of the region’s most important corridors, connecting neighborhoods and communities while providing access to the region’s distinctive rivers, forests and prairies. Recent Westside Trail improvements include over 400 feet of raised wooden boardwalks through Bronson Creek wetlands and offer trail users unique opportunities for nature and wildlife viewing. THPRD’s Nature & Trails department now maintains the trail and THPRD’s Park Patrol regularly monitors the trail.

Walk Path Plan

The proposed area currently receives transportation service to Jacob Wismer due to a lack of a walking path to school under 1 mile.  Recent expansion of THPRD’s Westside Trail between NW Springville Road and NW Wendy Ln provides new paths under one mile for this neighborhood (Exhibit 2).  The eastern portion of the neighborhood will access this new segment of the Westside Trail from a point near NW McGregor Terrace (Exhibit 3).  The western portion of the neighborhood can use the entrance at NW Twoponds Dr (Exhibit 4) or use NW Kaiser Rd to Rock Creek Trail (Exhibit 5) to access the Westside Trail.


Oregon Revised Statute 327.043 establishes when a school district is required to provide transportation services. It states: “A school district is required to provide transportation for elementary students who reside more than one mile from school and for secondary school students who reside more than 1.5 miles from school”. 

Oregon Administrative Regulation 581-023-0040(e) defines Mile(s) from School as "the distance a student lives from school, measured from the closest, reasonable, and prudent point between the school property identified by the local board for that pupil’s attendance and the property where the pupil lives. The distance will be measured over the shortest practicable route on maintained public roadways or over existing pedestrian facilities or pedestrian facilities capable of meeting the requirements listed in ORS 332.405(4);" 


Beaverton School District is committed to seeking input from families affected by potential changes.  We encourage submissions via email at  All emails will be read and considered during the decision-making process.

Exhibit 1: Proposed Area

JWI proposed area

Exhibit 2: Path Overview

Westside Trail

Exhibit 3: Eastside Entrance

Trail entrance

Exhibit 4: Westside Entrance

trail access

Exhibit 5: Westside Entrance

trail access