Safe Routes to School

Walk, Bike, Bus..... It's the Way to Go! 

The Beaverton Safe Routes to School (SRTS) Program is all about creating safe, convenient, and fun opportunities for youth to walk and roll (bike, scooter, skateboard and bus) to and from schools. This is important for the health and safety of our kids and to foster the creation of livable, vibrant communities. SRTS programs increase physical activity and improve unsafe walking and bicycling conditions on routes to and from school and throughout the community.


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Spring’s Steps to Bicycle Safety

With more people itching to get outside to walk and bike, it’s a good time to review the rules to ensure everyone’s safety. Be sure to review the best routes to use and if biking, check the bike’s condition before you head out. 

  • Here are a few steps to remember:
  • Always wear your helmet
  • Ride in the same direction as traffic, not against traffic.
  • Be visible. Wear a bright jacket or add reflective material or blinking lights to increase visibility.
  • Stay alert and ride predictably, in a straight line.

If riding on the sidewalk or in a crosswalk, ride at walking speed and be prepared to walk your bike when it gets busy or at the request of crossing guards. Be mindful of pedestrians and aware of traffic at all times.

Don’t assume that drivers see you – always watch for cars making turns or backing out of driveways. Learn bicycle safety skills in a class or ask Safe Routes to School to give a lesson at your school!


What is a Bike Fairy??

What: A Bike Fairy places anonymous stickers/notes of encouragement on every bicycle and scooter during the school day for a simple, unexpected celebrating of rolling to school.

When: A Bike Fairy might visit once a week, once a month or randomly throughout the school year. Visit on a sunny day or reward those wet weather warriors. Announce the upcoming visit or keep it a surprise – it’s up to you!

Who: Works best with 1-2 parent helpers/staff members. Partner up for a shift or create a sign-up schedule to keep your fairy visiting all year long.

How: Try these simple steps for creating your own Bike Fairy encouragement notes, or ask us for help. We are happy to share our designs with you.

  • Create notes for all bikes/scooters (a pre-count is helpful, so you have an estimate of how many are needed). Laminate them if you can, to be more sturdy and rain-proof.
  • Punch a hole on each and attach to bike with ribbon or half a pipe cleaner.
  • Place them on all bikes and scooters, including those belonging to parent/staff. Make sure to get all bike racks at the school.
  • Include an item such as: stickers, tattoos, bike stamp, glitter glue or other small prize. It’s the thought that counts!

Example messages to use:

  • Yay for riding your bike to school! Love, The Bike Fairy
  • The Earth thanks you for biking to school! Love, The Bike Fairy
  • Just keep on pedaling. You can do it! Love, The Bike Fairy
  • You’re a wet weather warrior! Love, The Bike Fairy
  • Keep on rolling to school! Love, The Bike Fairy
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Daylight Savings Time starts Sunday, March 8, 2020 

With daylight saving time starting soon, the hours of darkness have shifted. It’s now darker during morning hours when many of us travel to work, school or other destinations. We can help make everyone’s trip safe by slowing down especially in neighborhoods and school zones. 

• Be on the lookout for each other. Whether we are a driver, pedestrian or cyclist, we all want to get somewhere and it only works when we all work together. 

• Don’t be a distracted driver, cyclist or pedestrian. Keep your eyes on the road or path ahead, hands on the wheel or handlebars and brain focused on the task of being a good road user. 

• See and be seen: Pedestrians and bicyclists should always wear reflective or bright-colored clothing to increase their visibility. Drivers check your lights, use them and always watch for others. 

• Stop, look, and listen: When approaching intersections, and crossing streets, stop and look in all directions before crossing. Make sure vehicles are stopped for you before starting to cross.

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Get your school sponsorship funds to help them walk and roll!

Is your school or parent group interested in funds to increase walking & rolling in your community? Apply now for a Metro Regional Travel Options sponsorship. The sponsorship can be used for events, incentives/prizes (including helmets and lights) as well as a bike shelter or fix it station. Schools and parent groups can apply for up to $3,500.


Safe Routes to School comes to PE!

We are beyond thrilled with the Beaverton School District's decision to provide equitable access to Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety to all students in grades K-5th! We will be busy in the coming months rotating through schools to teach these lessons school-wide. Ten schools are scheduled for the 19/20 school year and another 10-12 schools in the following two school years. Providing the skills and practice to cross the street and make safe decisions are essential life skills that every student needs. Thank you BSD for continuing to pave the way and demonstrate how Safe Routes to School and School Districts can partner together to make a huge impact on the safety of our students.



Beaverton's Safe Routes to School Program is possible with support from Metro, Oregon Department of Transportation and City of Beaverton. Thank you!

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