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Six Steps to Organizing a Successful Event

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Six Steps to Organizing a Successful Event

1.  Get Organized. Form a Walk+Bike to School team that includes students, parents, teachers and community members, such as school or city transportation authorities, law enforcement, local officials. Make sure the principal is on board.

Start planning your event. Will it be:
  • A simple sign-in and draw for prizes
  • Above, plus healthy snacks and/or safety poster contest
  • Above, plus assembly promoting healthy eating and active living
  • Above, plus walking/ biking school bus routes
If doing walking/ biking school bus routes, congratulations, this will be fun! These steps may help:
▪ Map your routes
▪ Pre walk/ bike the routes to determine walk/bike time
▪ Post route maps and times in school newsletter and throughout school

2.  Recruit Volunteers. Check with your PTA, Neighborhood Association and school staff to help with walk/ bike routes, greeting students and the school’s celebration

3.  Promote. Post in school’s newsletter and put posters up throughout school and neighborhood. Also:

  • Encourage classroom and school activities like Walk+Bike Across Oregon

  • Seek community support through endorsements and participation from local officials and media

  • Ask for donations of prizes and healthy snacks from local businesses

4.  Plan for Safety. Provide pedestrian and bicycle safety information to students and adults. Contact local police department for help on the day. Request extra Enforcement, if available, they love helping!

5.  Plan for Health. If food is part of the day’s celebration, be sure to provide healthy choices like fresh fruit for a quick, healthy energy boost before or after the walk. Avoid empty calorie treats.

6.  Take it a step further and make walking and biking to school a regular event:

  • Talk to the PTA about creating a “sustainability” committee that will work year-round to promote active, healthy and sustainable school culture.

  • Stay in touch with Beaverton’s SRTS program through the website and facebook page: learn about other opportunities and resources.