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Beaverton School District

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The wheel fairy visits schools during the school day to leave a small surprise on bikes, scooters, and skateboards parked on campus. This is a great way to say “Thanks for riding!”

Kids with parents biking

When: A wheel fairy might visit once a week, once a month or randomly throughout the school year. Visit on a sunny day or reward those wet weather warriors. Announce the upcoming visit or keep it a surprise – it’s up to you!

Who: Works best with 1-2 parent helpers/staff members. Partner up for a shift or create a sign-up schedule to keep your fairy visiting all year long.

How: Try these simple steps for creating your own wheel Fairy encouragement notes, or ask us for help. We are happy to share our designs with you.

  • Create notes for all bikes/scooters/skateboards (a pre-count is helpful, so you have an estimate of how many are needed).
  • Laminate them if you can, to be more sturdy and rain-proof. Punch a hole on each and attach to bike with ribbon or half a pipe cleaner.
  • Place them on all bikes,  scooters and skateboards, including those belonging to parent/staff. Make sure to get all bike racks at the school.  
  • Include an item such as: stickers, tattoos, bike stamp, glitter glue or other small prize. It’s the thought that counts!



Example messages to use:

  • Yay for riding your bike to school! Love, The Bike Fairy
  • The Earth thanks you for biking to school! Love, The Bike Fairy
  • Just keep on pedaling. You can do it! Love, The Bike Fairy
  • You’re a wet weather warrior! Love, The Bike Fairy
  • Keep on rolling to school! Love, The Bike Fairy
Bike Fairy notes attached to scooters. Notes say, you are a superstar! keep riding to school.