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Bike Rodeos

You can hold your own Bike Rodeo too!  The following information will give you all the tools you need.



  • Meet with school administrators to get approval. Have a point person at the school to coordinate with, as well as recruiting student volunteers.
  • Have local PTO’s help plan and advertise.   
  • Solicit donations of healthy snacks and raffle prizes.


  • Recruit bicycling clubs/shops to have a bike check/fix station.
  • Have a helmet check station to ensure correct fit helmets. 
  • Discuss safe biking behavior (local law enforcement or Beaverton SRTS may lead this session).


  • Cones, chalk, tape, tape measures (for set up)
  • Cardboard signs and clipboards (enough for each volunteer) 
  • Volunteers (2 or more adults per station) and one photographer 
  • Bicycles - Families will bring their own bicycles. 

Station options

student biking to school

Review our stations above.  The first station is always the registration and helmet fitting to verify the children have the correct fit and size of helmet to participate safely. The BSD Safe Routes to School program has helmets we provide for children that need them.