First Steps

Safe Routes to School (SRTS) programs often start with encouragement programs to get people to try walking or biking to school. Starting with a simple fun event that builds interest and enthusiasm will attract attention and support for more activities, more people and ultimately, behavior change.

It's all about having fun!
We want to get people to try walking or biking to school, see how fun and easy it is! Starting with a simple, fun event that builds interest and enthusiasm.


  • Walk+ Roll to School Day - October 2, 2019  
  • "This Is How We Walk and Roll" Art Contest - January 2020     
  • WE Walk Challenge - April 2020            
  • Earth Day - April 22, 2020
  • Walk + Roll Challenge Month - May 2020
  • Bike to School Day - May 6, 2020


Newsletters are a great way to share information and educate your school community about safe, active travel. We have provided several different articles, organized by month or topic, to help get you started. You can download a copy of each newsletter or feel free to alter the information to best fit the needs of your community.