During the week of February 14th-18th we are celebrating our bus drivers and thanking them for time spent keeping our kids safe this year. Whether it is a card, an event, or an in-person thank you, let your bus driver know you appreciate them!

Create your own card or use the downloadable template below.

Love the Bus Card

School Bus Safety

February is a great time to review safety tips with your students. Visit the link below to learn about safety at the bus stop, while riding the school bus and rules for motorists when driving near buses.

School Bus Safety

Graphic of children getting off the bus.

Reasons To Love the Bus!

  • School Buses are the safest form of transportation to get your kids to school. They have impact absorbent seats to keep your kids safe in case of a collision. The height of the bus raises passengers above car impact height. Buses are designed using passive restraint, all a child must do to be protected is sit in their seat. 
  • You can meet other neighborhood families at your bus stop. Time on the bus gives kids a chance to socialize before they get to school.
  • Buses keep cars off the road. Every school bus replaces around 36 cars. Less traffic, means safer spaces around our schools, and not having to wait in crowded pick up and drop off lines!
  • Buses help the environment! They save gas and carbon emissions, and the technology keeps evolving. The Beaverton School District is the first school district in Oregon to have electric school buses in its fleet.
  • The greatest safety feature of the school bus are the drivers. School bus drivers are highly trained professionals who have your child's safety in mind. Drivers receive specialized training in defensive driving, student behavior management, emergency procedures and first aid instruction


students bused to school