Action Plans

Help us create a plan for improving safety in your school community!

Beaverton Safe Routes to School Program (SRTS) is all about creating a safe, convenient and fun way for students to walk and roll (bike, skate, scooter and bus) to and from school in our community. The Beaverton School District’s program follows the nationally recognized SRTS framework which utilizes the 6 E’s: Engagement, Equity, Engineering, Encouragement, Education and Evaluation. 

Physical activity before school increases academic performance and reduces student absences. Comprehensive SRTS initiatives have been shown to be effective at increasing physical activity and reducing injuries.

Our first step with every school is the action plan. This plan is designed to be a guiding document that is uniquely designed for supporting safe, active transportation in your community.  Action plans identify improvements and activities that could help increase the number of students who walk, bike, or roll to and from school. The Beaverton School District’s Safe Routes to School Coordinator works with the schools to develop a comprehensive SRTS program specific to their unique context and environment. 

Activity                     School Commitment

Meeting with principal, PTO, SRO and Parents

Two 1 hour meetings
Parent/staff/student walk audit. 1 hour/audit, around 2 hours total time for all.
Meet with SRTS Coordination Team for input and collaboration. n/a
Present plan for feedback 30 minute presentation to PTO/Parent group


Your Safe Routes to School team will meet with City and County employees, as well as  Public Safety to evaluate recommendations from the audit.

Examples of SRTS Action plan recommendations include:
  • Bike and Pedestrian safety education
  • Sidewalks and Crosswalks at key locations
  • Evaluation and suggestions for parking/arrival/dismissal plans
  • Participation in Walk + Roll to School Days (October and May)
  • Student led campaigns

Does your school already have an action plan? Find out your school's plan, see their arrival and dismissal map, as well as the current preferred walk routes with in your walk zone. If you don't see an action plan, you can contact us to get on the list to create one for your school!

School list

SRO officer and parent
Kids walking in rain with umbrella
student skating to school