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We want to share best practices, examples and resources so more schools, families and students can experience the benefits that come from a comprehensive Safe Routes to School program.

Two Ways to Get Recognized!

There are two ways to get recognized for your walk and roll efforts. The first is a Recognition Program created with an easy framework for school's to receive leveled achievement from Bronze to Platinum to reward their transportation efforts - and well-earned bragging rights. The second is our Walk + Roll Champion Award. Bestowed on individuals, groups or schools, this award recognizes SRTS Champions who are making a difference in their community by promoting safe, active travel to school.

Recognition Program

Bronze Level

  • Identify SRTS school contact and send that information to district coordinator annually.
  • Hold at least one Walk + Roll encouragement event per school year. (Fall Walk + Roll Day or May Walk + Roll Challenge)
  • Collect student travel information each year. (May hand tally to be completed by school staff.)

Silver Level– all of the above plus…

  • Provide monthly active travel information through school newsletters, social media or other communication. 

SRTS Newsletters

  • Hold at least one education event each school year. (10-minutes PALS presentation/video, 45-minute lesson during PE or after school bike rodeo)
  • Conduct yearly parent surveys. (Links to online survey provided by school staff in May.)

Gold Level – all of the above plus…

  • Hold a regular encouragement event at least monthly. (Walk + Bike Day, Walking School Bus, Park + Walk)
  • Include a link to the preferred walk/bike routes map and your school's arrival/departure plan on your school website.
  • Hold at least two Walk + Roll encouragement events per school year.

Platinum Level – all of the above plus…

  • Have or develop a SRTS Action Plan and include link on school website.
  • Start a student-led event or activity (work with your school’s green team or leadership team).
  • Add a SRTS parent coordinator position (committee member) to your school’s parent/teacher organization. (Optional: add a SRTS annual budget for SRTS activities)

To submit your school’s SRTS information and determine your recognition level please contact Beaverton Safe Routes to School.

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Walk and Roll Champions

Do you know a Walk and Roll Champion in your school community? Beaverton SRTS accepts nominations year-round for individuals, groups or schools that are making a difference in their communities, and the world, by promoting safe, active travel to school. 

Walk + Roll Champion Award for Bonny Slope Elementary October 2019