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Keep active in your community with our fun activities and safety tips!

Walking and Biking: Route Ideas, Safety Resources, and Activities.

Remember, staying active is a great tool for keeping yourself and your family physically and mentally healthy. Family walks and bike rides are great ways to stay active and de-stress.   Below you will find resources for route planning, safety, and activities to do along the route.

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Choosing Your Route

Whether planning a walk or a biking trip, Google Maps (see the walking and biking tabs) might be helpful. Look for low to medium volume streets with lower speeds and supportive infrastructure like stop signs, stop lights and overhead flashers. Or use the Beaverton School District preferred walking and biking routes map which uses the same criteria to highlight safe routes near each of our District schools. Try choosing the elementary, middle or high school nearest you and select a route. With less traffic on our streets, this is a great time to practice your student’s route to school.


Family Walks

Get moving with these tips and fun resources for your family! Whether you are finding new routes or looking for different activities, you can find it here.

Family Bike Rides

Bicycling is a fun and healthy way to spend time with your family. Here are some resources to help you and your family get started.

Mindful Walking Guide

Mindfulness is our awareness of what is going on both inside us and around us – awareness of our physical, emotional, and mental state.

Traffic safety Playgrounds and playspaces Another fun destination for children to practice roadway safety skills are Traffic Safety Playgounds/playspaces.

 Check out Safe Routes to School Star Wars Virtual escape room "Baby Yoda's Safe Journey"

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