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Family Bike Rides

Biking Route Ideas:

graphic of family biking

The Metro Bike There! interactive map shows detailed bike routes for the Portland Metro area (including Beaverton). With over 1008 miles of on-street routes and 548 miles of off-street trails, this map designates which streets have established bike lanes, local paths, bike friendly streets, unpaved trails and more.


  • Join students from around the nation to celebrate Bike to School Day! Visit our School Events to learn more about May Bike Week.
  • Bike Safety Bingo! Print this Bingo card (or create one of your own) and complete the activities shown. Try for four in a row or blackout!

Bicycle Safety Instruction:

Bicycle Safer Journey Videos

An overview of bicycle safety by the Federal Highway Administration.

A video series by the North Carolina Department of Transportation with related lesson plans for grades 4-5.

This learn to ride video includes the basics of teaching your child (adults too) to ride. 

Bicycle Safety Resources:

Oregon Department of Transportation has created resources to give children and parents some easy guides to Bicycle Safety.  

Bicycle safety overview and tips for kids, parents and caregivers in English version and Spanish version 

Easy Steps for a Perfectly Fitted Helmet English version and Spanish version