Service Standards

Students boarding a school bus

Eligiblity for Transportation Service

General Eligibility

Transportation Services will be provided for students to and from their neighborhood school, consistent with Oregon Revised Statute 327.043.

Transportation Eligibility is based on the distance from a students home to their school of residence:

  • Elementary Students who live more than one mile from their school of residence will be eligible for transportation services.
  • Secondary Students who live more than one and one-half miles from their school of residence will be eligible for transportation services.

Distance will be determined by District Transportation practice, in accordance with Oregon Administrative Ruling 581-023-0040 (1)(c).  "Mile(s) from School" means the distance a student lives from school, measured from the closest, reasonable, and prudent point between the school property identify by the local board for that pupil's attendance and the property where the pupil lives.  The distance will be measured over the shortest practical route on maintained public on maintained public roadways or over existing pedestrian facilities capable of meeting the requirements listed in ORS 332.405  (4).

Online mapping services such as Google Maps do not measure distance to the nearest accessible point of school property and will provide measurements that are significantly different than the measurements used by the School District.

Transportation services will also be provided to students residing in a District School Board approved supplemental plan area on record with the Oregon Department of Education.


Special Education and McKinney Vento Transportation Eligibility

Transportation services are provided to students requiring specialized transportation services as determined by their Individualized Education Program.   

Transportation services are also provided to students qualifying for Transportation services under the McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act.

Options Transportation Eligibility

Transportation services are provided to students attending a Beaverton School District Options Program.  These programs utilize a "shuttle model", where students are bussed to another school, and will then transfer to another bus that will take them to their home bus stop. 

In the morning, this transfer school will be the Options school closest to their residence. 

In the afternoon, students will be bussed to the closest High School to their residence. Students who reside more than 1.5 miles from that high school will transfer to a high school route bus and be bussed to the nearest bus stop to their residence. There is no bus service for students who reside less than 1.5 miles from the high school nearest to their residence. 

Early Learning (Preschool) Transportation Eligibility

Students enrolled in a Beaverton School District Preschool Program may be eligible for Transportation Service.  Transportation service is provided to students who reside in the local attendance area of the school they attend and reside 1.0 miles or more from their school.  Eligible preschool students will generally ride the regular education school bus serving their neighborhood.

Administrative Transfer and Open Enrollment Eligibility

Transportation services are not provided to students attending a school outside of their local attendance area due to Administrative Transfer or Open Enrollment.  

Transportation Service Requests

Requests may be made for service beyond what is required by State law or District Policy.  These requests should be submitted each year after July 1st for the coming school year and will be processed in the order that they are received.

Approval is based on:

  • Available space on the bus route, after eligible student riders are accounted for.
  • Safe access, as determined by the Transportation Department, to an existing bus stop.

Requests for service for students who are not eligible for Transportation service will not be approved until after the end of September, once we have accurate ridership information.  

If ridership of eligible students on the selected route increases during the school year, your student may lose ridership privileges.

Requests may be made online here.

School Bus Stops

School Bus Stops

All students eligible for Transportation Service will be assigned to a specific bus stop.  Students will only be picked up at, and dropped off from their designated stop.  Parents may view their student's assigned bus stop information here.

School bus stops are placed in centralized locations in accordance with the guidelines provided in Beaverton School Board Administrative Regulation EEA-AR:

Guidelines for walking distances to stops are:

  • 3 blocks for elementary students.
  • 4 blocks for middle school students.
  • 5 blocks for high school students.

A block is 1/10th of a mile, or 528 feet.

Some students may be assigned to stops that exceed these distances if local street infrastructure does not support school bus travel.  Bus stops will generally not be placed in cul-de-sacs, dead-end streets, or on private roads.

Bus Stop Changes

Students are expected to use their designated stop to board and disembark from the school bus.  

School bus drivers are strictly prohibited by the Oregon Department of Education from adding unscheduled stops to bus routes.  Please do not ask them to make stops that are not on their route.  

If a student needs to ride on a different bus or to a different existing bus stop, a parent or guardian will need to provide a signed note requesting this.  This note will need to be signed by the school office, and presented to the bus driver in the afternoon.  This note is good for one day and is subject to their being available space on the bus.  If additional days are needed, a note will need to be supplied for each day.

Parents may request a permanent change to their student's bus stop here.  

Generally, requests to add an additional bus stop will not be granted when a student's assigned stop falls in the walking guidelines listed above.   Requests to create bus stops inside the No Transportation Zone (the area within 1.0 miles of an elementary school, or 1.5 miles of a middle or high school) will not be granted.

Ride Time

Local Attendance Area Ride Time

Ride time refers to:

  • In the morning, the time between when the first student boards the bus, and when the bus arrives at school.
  • In the afternoon, the time the bus departs the school after loading, and when the last student is dropped off at their bus stop.

Regular education routes serving a school's attendance area for normal home-to-school operations will be designed to operate with travel times of 45 minutes or less.


Ride Times for Schools and Programs Outside the Local Attendance Area

Transportation service to the following programs will have travel times that exceed 45 minutes, due to the extended geographic area served:

  • Options Schools (Arts and Communication Magnet Academy, International School of Beaverton, Health and Science School, School of Science and Technology, Merlo Station High School).
  • K8 Schools (Springville, Raleigh Hills, Aloha Huber Park)
  • Afterschool programs.
  • Special Education Programs outside of the student's local school attendance area.
  • McKinney Vento students attending a school different than their school of residence.