Special Education Student Transportation

Bus with Wheelchair Lift

Pick-up and Drop-off Times

Parents will be notified of their student's pickup and drop-off time prior to commencement of services.  ​During the school year, as students are added or deleted from routes, pickup and drop-off times will change. These changes are implemented on Mondays.  Time changes will be communicated on the preceding Thursday or Friday.


It is very important that all students be on time and ready to board the bus at the scheduled time. Please have your student at the stop 5 minutes prior to the scheduled stop time.   In order to get all students to school on time, the driver cannot wait longer than 1 minute after the designated pick-up time at each stop​.​

Bus Stop Placement

Bus stops will be placed at a safe location as close as possible to the home or day care.  If your student lives in an apartment complex, their stop will be the closest and safest bus-accessible location.  The bus driver or attendant is not responsible to escort the student to or from the stop.

If you have indicated your student is not to be left unattended at their stop, we will strictly honor that request. In order for us to deliver your student, please indicate your presence by being visible at the drop-off point five minutes prior to the scheduled drop-off time. If there is no supervision at the drop-off location, the driver may continue on the route and attempt to deliver your child at the end of the route if time allows. If there is still no one present at the drop-off location, the child will be returned to school.  In the event that no one is present at the school, your child will be taken to the police department in your area and Oregon Services for Children and Families will be contacted. ​

Changes to Transportation

Permanent changes in pick-up and/or drop-off locations must be requested through the Special Education Department. Temporary changes must be approved at least 72 hours in advance of the requested change. Please call the Special Education Transportation Routing Department at (503) 356-4211 to request these changes. Please keep in mind, changes affect all of the students on the route.


Please call (503) 356-4200 if your student will be absent from the bus as described below. Select option, 2 for Special Needs Dispatch.

Students attending in-district schools 

If your student attends a school or program inside the Beaverton School District, please call the Beaverton Transportation Center if your student will be absent from the bus for more than three (3) days. Please do not call in absences shorter than three (3) days. Our buses serve multiple schools and programs across the District and may continue to serve your stop even if your student will not be attending school that day in order to preserve other student’s scheduled transportation service.

Students attending out-of-district schools 

If your student attends a school or program outside of the Beaverton School District, please call the Beaverton Transportation Center at least one (1) hour prior to pick-up time on those days your child will not need transportation services.   

If your child does not ride the bus for three (3) consecutive days and Transportation has received no parent contact, we will attempt to determine your child’s riding status. If Transportation is unable to make parent contact, bus service may be discontinued. If service is discontinued, it may take up to seven (7) business days to restart service.​

Inclement Weather

Please see the Inclement Weather Procedures page for important closure/delay procedures. 


We are prohibited from transporting any kind of medication on school buses. Medication must be brought to and returned from the school by the parent in their own vehicle. Please discuss medication with your school office for their policies and procedures​​​

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