Student Conduct On The School Bus

The Beaverton School District is committed to providing a safe environment for students on the school bus.  The rules listed below help ensure that the bus remains a safe place for students.  Students who fail to follow these rules and disrupt the safe operation of our buses may lose their privilege to ride the school bus and or face additional consequences at the school.  The safe transportation of our students is a responsibility that the Beaverton School District takes very seriously.

Student Conduct On School Buses


  • Arrive at your bus stop 5 minutes before the scheduled stop time.
  • Find a seat quickly.
  • Make room for others.
  • Remain seated while the bus is in motion.
  • Use your regular voice to talk inside the bus.
  • Keep the area around your seat clean
  • Be respectful to the driver and others on the school bus.


  • Fight, Wrestle, or participate in boisterous activities
  • Bring non-service animals, weapons, or hazardous materials on the bus.
  • Extend hands, arms, or head through the windows.
  • Throw items out of the open bus windows.
  • Shout or use vulgar language.
  • Cut, tear, mark, or damage bus seats
  • Eat or drink on the bus unless the driver gives permission.


  • Students and passengers are under the authority of the driver on the bus driver.
  • The bus driver can assign seats at any time.
  • Refusing to follow the bus driver's instructions could lead to the loss of riding privileges. 
  • Balloons are not allowed on the bus, including mylar balloons (They obstruct the driver's vision and can affect students with allergies).

Riding Rules - OAR 581-053-0010

Oregon Administrative Rule 581-053-0010

Rules Governing Pupils Riding School Buses and School Activity Vehicles

  1. Pupils being transported are under the authority of the bus driver.
  2. Fighting, wrestling, or boisterous activity is prohibited on the bus.
  3. Pupils shall use the emergency exit only in case of emergency.
  4. Pupils shall use the emergency exit only in case of emergency.
  5. Pupils shall be on time for the bus both morning and evening.
  6. Pupils shall not bring firearms, weapons, or other potentially hazardous material on the bus.
  7. Pupils shall remain seated while the bus is in motion.
  8. Pupils may be assigned seats by the bus driver.
  9. When necessary to cross the road, pupils shall cross in front of the bus or as instructed by the bus driver.
  10. Pupils shall not extend their hands, arms or body parts through the bus windows.
  11. Pupils shall have written permission to leave the bus other than at home or school.
  12. Pupils shall converse in normal tones; loud or vulgar language is prohibited.
  13. Pupils shall not open or close windows without permission of driver.
  14. Pupils shall keep the bus clean, and must refrain from damaging it.
  15. Pupils shall be courteous to the driver, to fellow pupils, and passersby.
  16. Pupils who refuse to obey promptly the directions of the driver or refuse to obey regulations may forfeit their privilege to ride the bus.
  17. Rules Governing Pupils Riding School Buses and School Activity Vehicles must be kept posted in a conspicuous place in all school buses, type 20, and type 21 activity vehicles.