Request Bus Service

Please select the most appropriate option to fit your needs below and carefully review the information on the next page. 

Be advised: Requests for service for students not eligible for bus service  will not be reviewed until early October and are processed in the order received.  Due to pandemic related issues, our ability to provide space-available transportation service will be greatly limited.

Important update regarding Transportation Service Requests for ineligible students for the 2022-2023 School Year.

The Transportation Department is currently experiencing a significant shortage in school bus drivers that is impacting daily service.  To best meet our obligation to provide legally mandated transportation services to eligible students,  we are currently evaluating consolidation of  existing school bus routes.   For the duration of this shortage, we will be unable to approve “Space available” transportation to students who are ineligible for transportation service as defined on our service standards page (Service Standards - Beaverton School District).  We are unable to offer exceptions to ineligible students based on personal circumstances.

We appreciate your understanding during these challenging times.