Request Bus Service

Student's eligible for bus service will be assigned a designated school bus route and school bus stop automatically after they register their student at a Beaverton School.  Parents can view their assigned bus route and stop using ELINK here.  For students that register after the school year has begun, please allow 3-5 business days for your student to be assigned a school bus route and stop.

Address changes must be made at your student's school before transportation changes can be made based on a change of address.

Beaverton School District Administrative Ruling EEA-AR states:  Guidelines for walking distances to stops are;

  • 3 blocks for elementary school students.
  • 4 blocks for middle school students.
  • 5 blocks for high school students.
  • 1 block is considered 1/10th of a mile, or 528 feet.

Parents may request changes to their student's assigned school bus stop by completing the form here

Generally, requests to add an additional bus stop will not be granted when a student's assigned stop falls in the walking guidelines listed aboveRequests to create bus stops inside the No Transportation Zone (the area within 1.0 miles of an elementary school, or 1.5 miles of a middle or high school) will not be granted.  We are unable to consider personal circumstances in requests to add service to inside the No Transportation Zone or to move a bus stop closer to a residence.

Some students will not be eligible for transportation service (see service standards here). Requests may be made for service beyond what is required by State law or District Policy.  These requests should be submitted each year after July 1st for the coming school year and will be processed in the order that they are received.

Approval is based on:

  • Available space on the bus route, after eligible student riders are accounted for.
  • Safe access, as determined by the Transportation Department, to an existing bus stop.

Requests for service for students who are not eligible for Transportation service will not be approved until after the end of September, once we have accurate ridership information.   If ridership of eligible students on the selected route increases during the school year, your student may lose ridership privileges.

Requests may be made online here.