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Aloha-Huber Park K-8

A "palace of learning." That is how Principal Scott Drue describes Aloha-Huber Park

K-8 (AHP). The way students are learning is a little different than when you went to school, but it appears to be working. Despite the challenge of an 85% poverty rate, the school received a four out of five on the most recent Oregon State Report Card.

AHP serves nearly a thousand students from 53 ethnicities who speak 29 different languages. "Children can enter kindergarten not knowing letter sounds, but by the end of the year, they're up to grade level," says Drue. He credits that progress to outstanding teachers with high expectations, a systematic approach to Reading and Writing and performance-level groups. "Our teachers work as a team. So we have five 2nd grade teachers sharing 150 kids," says Drue.

Here's how it works: all students are screened in reading and math at the beginning of the year. Within their grade levels, they are put into performance groups. The goal is to match the instructional level to the student. "As soon as the student meets the next level, we move them up to the next group. We regroup frequently. That, to us, is what equity is all about," Drue says.

Every single child at AHP sets goals, both personal and academic. They are displayed prominently, as are the rewards for reaching them. Says Drue, "It's all about what our community needs. We've just found a way that works for us."