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Vose Elementary School

Change is on the horizon for Vose Elementary School. Built in 1959, the school will be the first of four in the District to be demolished and rebuilt. "I think a lot of the teachers who have been here for several years have seen this building through some really tough times," says Principal Veronica Galvan. She says she's excited for the community to get a new school, "The school is a vital part of the community."

Vose has a unique layout, with an upper circle and a lower circle. The center of the upper circle houses the gymnasium, some offices and restrooms. Classrooms line the outside of the circle. The lower circle is similar, with the cafeteria being the center, and classrooms once again lining the outside. Nine portable classrooms sit outside on the grass. With the changing demographics, has come a growing population at Vose. The school now serves 675 students.

Vose has a rich Two-Way Immersion (TWI) program, designed to help students develop functional fluency and literacy in a second language. "The model really supports kids. Many of our TWI kids outperform the general education students," says Galvan. An integral part of a successful TWI program is having teachers and staff who understand the students they are serving. "Because of our poverty level, you may have a classroom that's very impacted. But the teachers never give up. They are extremely dedicated, they are culturally competent and they are resilient," says Galvan.

Here's an example of that dedication: On this particular sunny afternoon, a handful of teachers are gathered in a dimly lit classroom. One-by-one, they are looking at student progress, examining how they can support students who are struggling in certain academic areas. Says Galvan, "We pull together, we work hard and we come up with solutions where we can meet the needs of the students."