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West Tualatin View Elementary School

Lining the walls of the main hallway of West TV Elementary School are the dreams of its students.

"I want to win an Olympic Gold Medal in swimming."

"My dream is to walk my dog daily." 

"When I grow up, I want to work with my sister in our cupcake shop."

"My dream is that all people will use peaceful ways to solve problems."

With 344 students, there are just two classes for each grade, with the exception of three 2nd grade classes. "It's a small town school in a large city school district," says Principal Kalay McNamee.

McNamee says the small school enjoys a lot of support from the community, including the Parent Teacher Club (PTC). This summer, volunteers from the PTC painted the walls in the hallways and main office. Every other year, the PTC puts on an auction. Each class does an auction project. Community members and parents bid on the items, and McNamee says, it can get pretty competitive. "It's a good thing. It supports a lot of the work we do here," she says.

That includes the newly added "Playworks" program. The program supports learning and physical health by providing safe and inclusive play during recess. "It is bringing equity to the playground, teaching kids new and different types of games," says McNamee.

Each year, McNamee designates a theme book. She goes into each classroom and reads it to the students. This year's book is "Addie B. Strong - Dream Big" about a girl who has a big dream that's going to take a lot of work.

When asked what makes her school unique, McNamee jokes, "It's the only drive-thru school in the District."