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Patrick Methot - Evening Custodian, McKay Elementary School

When you think of a superhero, you think of a masked, caped marauder swooping in to save the day – but at McKay Elementary School, you will find a friendly evening custodian who brightens students' days – one drawing at a time.

Patrick Methot, affectionately known as Mr. Patrick, has been the evening custodian at McKay Elementary School for four years.  Students who see him in the halls shout "Mr. Patrick" and "Hi Mr. Patrick" and reach their hands out for a high five. 

Why, you ask, is Mr. Patrick a superhero at McKay? Because he leaves small drawings on classroom white boards encouraging students to read, research, or learn something new.  "It all started with a notoriously messy classroom that was one day really neat – I wanted to show the kids I appreciated the clean classroom, so I drew a picture of Patrick Starr on the white board and wrote a thank you note to the students for cleaning up the classroom," says Methot. "The students just went bananas over it."

"It is not often that students know who the night custodian is, but at McKay our night custodian, Mr. Patrick is famous!  The students and staff adore Mr. Patrick because of his friendly nature. It has become mine and my student's favorite thing to check our whiteboard in the morning for a new drawing by Mr. Patrick," says Claire Douglass second grade teacher.

Students and teachers throughout the building began requesting Mr. Patrick's drawings in their classrooms. "All of a sudden, I felt like a rock star walking through the hallways," says Methot.

Mr. Patrick's inspiration comes from looking around classrooms to see what students are learning or a book that stands out to him. "I like the idea of drawing something that might just inspire a kid to look something up, or to learn something new," says Methot.

"In my view, what Mr. Patrick does goes beyond beautiful and skillful artwork. It's a surprise, a fun and unexpected way to educate and engage the minds and souls of young children and adults alike. He shows by example how being passionate about what you do transforms the lives of people around you. We are so lucky to have Mr. Patrick as a part of the McKay team and community," says Olga, McKay Counselor.

What do the students think? "The drawings make me feel really, really happy," says Tamikah, second grade. "I really like Mr. Patrick because he is really nice and he is really good at art! He is pretty amazing," says Zoe, Second Grade

Mr. Patrick, who recently relocated from San Diego, is an avid reader and enjoys watching television and movies.  His favorite book of all time is Don Quixote, and his favorite movie is Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

Mr. Patrick's Originals