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​​​​Student Login Information

The student login uses the student’s BSD Student ID number to build the username and email address.  For example if the student ID number is 2593299, then the login and email address will be

Parents/Guardians will be provided with a form prior to or during the start of school to sign and  approve access to Google Apps and other digital resources used by Beaverton School District.  Parents will be given until October 17 to complete the form or their Google Account and other access to digital resources will be turned off.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding the Student Login and Email Address Change

Why is the student login and email address changing?

The previous method based on student names and birth months created unnecessarily long usernames for some students.  This was especially challenging for younger students.  There has also been an ongoing issue with duplicate accounts being created with students that have the same names and birth months.

Why use the BSD Student ID for a login?  Are there security issues?

A team looked at options for the format of the student login.  They looked at what many districts across the country are doing and decided the BSD Student ID would be a good choice for a number of reasons:

  1. The Student ID is unique to each student.

  2. Students already use this internal ID for other services such as library checkouts and lunch purchases.

The team evaluated any security implications to moving to the student ID and determined that there would not be risk for the following reasons:

  1. The BSD Student ID is not the same as the State Student ID (SSID) used for student records, state reporting, and assessments.

  2. The other systems using the BSD Student ID have secondary protection measures to prevent fraud.  Both the library and lunch systems display a photo of the student which is used to verify the student checking out the book or making the lunch purchase is the actual student attached to the ID.

  3. As with the prior student email address, all student accounts are protected with a password.

What will happen to the old email address?

The old student email address will continue to receive email and will be available to the student.  Both the old and new email addresses will work, although the student must use the new login convention with the BSD Student ID to log into their BSD Gmail account.

Will the old user/login name work after July 18th?

No, though the name will continue to receive email it will no longer be a valid login name.  To login, the student must use the newly formatted username.

Will my old password still work?

Yes, there will be no change to the student password.

Will students have access to their existing Google Documents and email after the change?

Yes. After July 18, when a student logs into their Google account, they will have all email and files that existed prior to the login change. If a student would like to download a copy of all email and files, Google provides an application called Google Takeout, which will allow all files to be downloaded. The link is at this address:​​

If you have questions, please email Steve Langford