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​​​​​​​BSD Internet Filtering

We are bound by both law and Board Policy to filter internet access:

Law: The Children's Internet Protection Act​ is a federal law that imposes restrictions on any school or library receiving funding for internet access. Since the Beaverton School District receives this funding, we are required to provide filtering in an attempt to limit student access to inappropriate/harmful content online.


Board Policy: The School Board has adopted Board Policy IIBGA which acknowledges the Children's Internet Protection Act and confirms the Board's commitment to protecting access to inappropriate content.

Filtering Categories and Levels

BSD uses a set of appliances from Palo Alto Networks to provide Internet filtering on devices located inside the BSD network.  For filtering on Chromebooks and other devices that are checked out to students for use at home and school, BSD has contracted with Lightspeed Systems to provide a cloud based filter.  Both of these vendors base their filtering on subject categories.  BSD IT staff then determine which categories as a whole to block or unblock.

Examples of Blocked Categories
Adult / ​Mature Content
​Child Pornography
​Illegal Drugs
​Malicious Outbound / Botnets
​Pay To Surf
​Peer-to-Peer (P2P)
​Potentially Unwanted Software
​Proxy Avoidance
Scam / Questionable / Illegal
​Spyware / Malware Sources
​Suspicious / Unknown
​​Unmoderated Forums
​ Violence / Hate / Racism



Category filtering is not an exact science.  There are web sites with educational value that are in the vendor default blocked categories.  To provide access to those web sites, BSD Staff can submit requests and IT staff can review web sites and place web sites into an "allow" or "deny" list for greater flexibility.  There are also web sites in categories that are open that might not be approriate in an educational setting.  These sites can be blocked so they are not available.

If BSD Staff feel that a site has legitimate educational value but is blocked, or there is concern about an allowed web site, please submit a Help Desk request.

For any site (education related or not), students or staff can suggest changes to the website by going to these websites:

Lightspeed Systems (chromebook filtering)-

Palo Alto Networks -

​Google SafeSearch​

BSD requires Google SafeSearch on all student accounts.  SafeSearch filters the results that are returned from a Google search.  Students may not receive any results or a more limited number of results due to SafeSearch being turned on.  BSD does not control the results that SafeSearch returns.  Click the link for more information about Google SafeSearch.

YouTube Restricted Mode

BSD also enforces the use of YouTube Restricted Mode on all student accounts.  Restricted Mode on YouTube does not allow students to access any videos that have been identified as being restricted.  BSD does not control which videos are marked as being restricted.  The following link contains more information and a video from YouTube explaining how Restricted Mode ​works.