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Goal: To create a budget that reflects the District's values, beliefs and five-year academic achievement goal and complies with negotiated agreements, Federal and State laws, education standards, School Board policies and the District's administrative regulations.

Preparation of the budget involves many steps and months of work by District staff. Once a proposed budget is developed, the Superintendent presents it and the Budget Message to the Budget Committee, which then reviews the proposed budget and receives public comment. The Budget Committee recommends revisions to the budget, if needed, and approves a budget for adoption by the School Board. A summary of the approved budget and notice of budget hearing is published in the local newspaper. After the budget hearing and consideration of public testimony, the Board adopts the budget at the June Board Meeting each year.

Through the links provided to the left, you can retrace the process followed by the Budget Committee to achieve the budget. They include past meeting agendas, meeting materials, as well as meeting briefs that summarize actions taken at each meeting.

Budget Suggestion Form


2015-16 Budget Page

Adopted Budget Documents

2015-2016 Budget Document

2014-2015 Budget Document
​2013-2014 Budget Document

2012-2013 Budget Document

    ​2011-2012 Budget Document