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2014 Bond Program Project List​

​Cost Estimate ($M)
Modernization: Replacement Projects
Arts and Communication Magnet Academy (ACMA)
Hazeldale K-5
Vose K-5
William Walker K-5
Replacement Project Program Contingency
Replacement Project Program Inflation Cost

Modernization: Renovation Projects
Capital Center Building Improvements
Critical Equipment Purchases
Five Oaks Middle School
Maintenance Facility Improvements
District-wide Repairs to Schools and Facilities
Raleigh Hills K-8
School Kitchen Improvements
Springville K-8
Renovation Project Program Contingency
Renovation Project Program Inflation Cost

Modernization: Regulatory Compliance
District-wide ADA Compliance
Domestic and Fire Protection Separation at Schools
Green Energy Technology
High School Title IX Compliance; Sunset & Aloha HS
McKay K-5 ADA Upgrades
Security Upgrades
Seismic Upgrades
Regulatory Compliance Program Contingency
Regulatory Compliance Program Inflation Cost

New Capacity
New Elementary School Site, Land Acquisition
New High School
New K-5 in North Bethany
New Middle School on Timberland Site
New Capacity Program Contingency
New Capacity Program Inflation Cost

HVAC Control System Upgrade
IT Data Center at Capital Center
Unified Communication System
Learning Technology: Classroom Systems
Technology Program Contingency
Technology Program Inflation Cost

Program Implementation Requirements
Pre-bond Planning Reimbursement
Bond Implementation/Management Costs @ $2.5 million/year
Bond Issuance Services @ 1% of Bond Value

Grand Total