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Beaverton School District Futures Study

In 2016 the Beaverton School District commissioned the Futures Study: Quality Education in a Chaning World. The study takes a broad look at how District facilities and services might evolve over the next 20 - 50 years. The key variables studied include growth & development in the District and Washingto County, the resulting potential enrollment & demographic make-up of the District, and the evolution of teaching methods and educational models.

The Futures Study is unlike any that the District has done before. It utiizes scenarios to anticipate hypothetical futures, and their implications for the District.  In creating and evaluating the scenarios - none of which should be expected to occur exactly as described - the study provides the District a guide for anticipating change and developing responses to that change. The Futures Study concludes with a series of implications learned from the scenarios, which the District will use in future facility and educational model planning.

The Futures Study was completed and delivered to the District Administration and School Board in October 2017. The final report and appendices are available here:

Futures Study Report Final.pdf

Futures Study Appendix A.pdf
Futures Study Appendix B.pdf
Futures Study Appendix C.pdf