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Beaverton School District Futures Study

​Having recently passed the largest school capital bond program in the history of Oregon to address short-term facility needs, the Beaverton School District is now asking the question “What will the District look like in the long-term future”? The District is conducting the Futures Study – a planning effort that will take a broad look at how District facilities and services might evolve over the next 20 - 50 years. The Futures Study is unlike any that the District has done and is designed to anticipate change and develop responses to that change. Looking to the future, the District will continue to make large investments that will be driven by changing conditions in three areas:

Demographics and Development. How many students, with what characteristics, are likely to live where within the District in the future? This will determine demand for the District educational services.

Education Model. How will educational services be delivered? Technology, classroom techniques, and staff and facility management techniques are changing rapidly and likely to change even faster in the future. A longer-run view will consider how these factors might change and, in doing so, change the needs for the amount, type, and location of facility space, and the way the space is operated.

Facility Needs. The ultimate output of this project: a thoughtful description of new facilities that might be needed, where, when, and how that might change given different development and operational assumptions and scenarios that could include new educational service delivery methods, re-purposing or redevelopment of existing school sites, or new forms of school facilities.

The Futures Study will be prepared over an eight-month period by a consultant team that includes experts in futures scenario planning, educational models and trends and facility development. Opportunities for stakeholders to participate will be identified at strategic points in the study process to share future scenarios. Following acceptance by the District School Board by the end of 2016, broader community outreach opportunities will be developed by the District to share the outcomes of the Futures Study with stakeholders throughout the District.