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Hazeldale Elementary School to be rebuilt one year earlier 2017-2018

The Beaverton School District has moved up the rebuild of Hazeldale Elementary School to 2017-2018, with the new school opening in September 2018. Originally, William Walker Elementary School was slated to be rebuilt during 2017-2018. William Walker Elementary will now be rebuilt during 2018-2019, with the new school opening in September 2019.

Background on William Walker Elementary Rebuild Schedule Change
The rebuild of William Walker Elementary School has posed a few challenges for the District. BSD has been working to coordinate the rebuild of the school with a complete rebuild of the adjacent Cedar Hills Park in partnership with Tualatin Hills Park & Recreation District (THPRD). The coordinated project would allow for additional access to the school site from Cedar Hills Blvd. as well as new fields and other open space for school and community use. By timing the work to occur concurrently, we avoid a lengthy disruption to the area and there may be possible cost savings through coordinated construction efforts.  

The opportunity, however, has created a challenge in syncing up timing with THPRD.

Due to an accumulation of delays it has become apparent that concurrent construction won't be able to take place on the original timeline (2017-18, for open in Sept of 2018). As a result, we will be postponing the work by one year. This will give BSD time to finalize plans with THPRD to create a new community asset with less disruption.