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Mountainside High School

The School Board voted unanimously to name Beaverton School District's sixth high school opening in September 2017: Mountainside High School.

The name reflects the proximity to Cooper Mt. It also has some historical significance dating back to the 1870s when another Mountainside School served students in the area. Planning principal Todd Corsetti worked with future students and community members to nominate two names. Their preferences were Mountainside High School or Cooper Vista High School. 

The school's logo will be the mavericks and the colors will be Columbia blue, silver and black.


Over the summer months, the District's 6th comprehensive high school has really started to take shape, not only from the outside, but on the inside too.

On the 47-acre site, Hoffman Construction and its subcontractors have been erecting the building designed by Bora Architects. In addition, crews have been grading for fields, parking, installation utilities and retaining walls.

Steel columns, joists and beams were set and concrete masonry block was erected.  Metal decks are being placed and concrete slabs poured for all floors of the building.  Roofing and exterior sheathing are in process.  Windows are being installed.  Very bright-colored exterior waterproofing of the walls and masonry block is being applied. This will keep materials that would be harmed by moisture from getting wet, allowing crews to continue work inside the building during the rainy months. Brick installation will begin later in the fall on the exterior of the building and in the courtyard, and the true exterior color palette will become apparent.

Interior work including mechanical, electrical, and plumbing rough-in is underway in the main classroom wing on all three levels of the building. Fireproofing is complete in the classroom wing and drywall is being installed. This work will continue moving counter-clockwise through the building until final completion. Finishes (painting, floor tile, ceilings, etc.) will begin this fall.

If you've passed by the site recently, you are aware of the road construction. Crews have been working along 175th and Scholls Ferry widening the road, installing underground utilities, adding new curbs and gutters and Low Impact Stormwater Detention facilities (LIDA swales).  Sidewalks, landscaping and the first layer of asphalt paving on Scholls Ferry and 175th Ave. adjacent to the project site, are to be installed in the coming months.  A new collector road for the City of Beaverton was installed along the southwest side of the property.  This road will also be paved this fall.

Early planning for ordering furnishing and equipment has begun with the new Planning Principal Todd Corsetti and his planning team. Despite various reports, the school does not yet have a name. The School Board will ultimately determine the name of the school, with input from historical research and the community. Principal Corsetti will work with the community to determine the school's colors and mascot.

The budget for the new high school has grown to nearly $185 million, primarily due to market conditions in the construction industry, which are driving up labor and materials costs much higher than anticipated. The District will be able to pay for the cost increases through supplemental funding, including the bond premium, bond interest earnings, the construction excise tax and various grants, without impacting other bond projects, tapping the General Operating Fund or affecting tax rates.

 Webcam - follow the progress of the New BSD High School

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Planning Principal selected for New High School

Todd Corsetti has been selected as the Planning Principal for the New High School in the South Cooper Mountain area, effective July 1, 2016. He began his career in Beaverton in 1995 as an English teacher at Whitford Middle School. Four years later, he was selected for the Southridge High School planning team and served three years as a teacher, department chair and coach before being promoted to an assistant principal position. After five years, he transferred to Sunset High School as an assistant principal where he remained until 2010 when he was appointed to his current position as Southridge High School Principal.
Construction Update -3/2017


Budget Adjustment

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