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Sato Elementary School opened as the District's 34th elementary school in September 2017.

Sato was designed as a prototype school by DLR Group Architects. Vose, Hazeldale and William Walker elementary schools will all have the same design.

Sato has a capacity of 750 students. The 87,200-square foot school includes 32 classrooms, 9 additional teaching spaces, a stage, teaching area in the library and a dividable gym. It was built by Skanska USA.

The District originally planned to build the new school in the North Bethany area during the 2017-2018 school year, but moved construction up a year due to growth and overcrowding.

The school's name pays tribute to the Sato's, a Japanese-American family who came to the area in 1926 and farmed on in the area. Their four children graduated from Beaverton High School.

 During World War II, the Sato Family was sent to the Minidoka Internment Center for three years. Two sons, Shin and Roy, enlisted in the military. Shin died in combat in 1944. Roy was wounded twice and received the Purple Heart. The Sato family is buried in the Bethany Presbyterian Church cemetery on Kaiser Road


Webcam: Watch the progress of Sato Elementary School

Sato Elementary School

On February 27, 2017, the School Board voted 5 to 1 to name the new school "Sato (pronounced: saw-toe) Elementary School," named after the Sato family.

Th Planning Principal worked with a group of students to determine the  school mascot and colors. The mascot will be a raccoon and the colors will be red, orange and lime green.

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