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On September 6, 2016, the new middle school building in the Timberland development opened its doors to students. The building was designed by Mahlum Architects and built by Skanska USA.

The building will serve as a "swing school" for Vose Elementary School this year, followed by​ Hazeldale and William Walker and the Arts & Communication Magnet Academy (ACMA), while those schools are demolished and rebuilt in one-year sequences. It will also house middle school students from Springville K-8 during 2016-2017 to help ease crowding at that campus.

The school cost $61 million dollars to build and includes key features, above seismic code requirements, of an essential Risk Category IV facility, as outlined in the BSD Resilience Plan. It contains seismic bracing, designed to withstand a major earthquake, as well as a generator with a fuel capacity, and other features, that would allow the facility to serve as an emergency shelter following an earthquake. 

The District worked with designers to make the building itself, a learning tool. One of those steel x-braces was left exposed, to allow students to learn how the building is engineered to withstand an earthquake. Hundreds of solar panels are being installed on the roof, generating more than 129,000 kWh per year. An interactive solar kiosk, courtesy of the Bonneville Environmental Foundation, will use a secure iPad to display solar data through a graphic panel. Also located on the roof is an innovative weather monitoring station that will allow students to monitor wind speed and direction.

Construction Update 9/20/16)

Design Review informationNew Middle School FAQ (3/24/15)

Webcam: View the project from the Beaverton School District trailer in the staging area, located North of the parent/student pick-up/drop-off area. The view is directed South at the main building. The webcam is no longer active, but you can watch the project from start to finish.

Watch a time-lapse video of the progress.

Follow the progress of the new middle school on Facebook


Photos taken in March 2016

Ground break BSD: A student-produced media production.  Three students from the Arts & Communication Magnet Academy attended the Groundbreaking Ceremony on May 19, 2015 and filmed the event.  ​​​