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Vose K-5 Replacement Project Fact Sheet - 12/15/2015

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Existing School:

  • 52,602 square feet (permanent building)
  • 7,904 square feet (6 portables, with 9 classrooms)
  • 60,506 square feet total
  • 33 total classrooms, including 9 portable classrooms
  • Gym 3,360 square feet
  • Cafeteria 3,194 square feet
  • 68 parking stalls
  • 8,400 square feet combined covered play areas

New School:

  • 87,200 square feet (26,694 SF increase; +44%)
  • No proposed Portables
  • 32 classrooms, plus 9 additional teaching spaces, including 5 flex commons, stage,teaching area in the library, and dividable gym supporting 2 simultaneous PE classes
  • Gym 6,717 square feet (more than doubles gym space)
  • Cafeteria 3,705 square feet (+16%)
  • 103 parking stalls plus 42 additional event parking spaces along parking lot curbs (+113%)
  • 10,000 square foot covered play area (+20%)
  • Walk/Run path (new)

Additional Information:

  • Vose currently has 32 assigned classroom teachers.
  • New Vose will be the largest K-5 school building in the District.
  • New Vose will have a larger gym than any District K-5 school.
  • The project meets all the elements of the project purpose and scope, including capacityfor 750 students, which were in the Bond program presented to voters (page 2).
  • Design features have been included above building code requirements to address theCascadia Subduction Zone mega-earthquake risk.
  • Educational Specifications are a vision of the ideal school building and provide guidancefor new school designs. They are not minimum standards. The art of the design work is tobalance constraints of the site, project budget, and scope promised to voters, whileachieving an outcome as close to the EdSpecs vision as is practical.