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Springville K-8 - Stoller Middle School Overcrowding Solutions

​Beaverton School District Community,

At the School Board meeting on November 17, 2014,  I shared my decisions, timelines and rationale regarding the overcrowding challenges we are experiencing at Springville K-8 and Stoller Middle School.  These decisions were not made in isolation. I am appreciative of the collaborative and thoughtful work of the Overcrowding Solutions Committee, the testimony from parents and community members who attended those committee meetings and the assistance and extra work of our staff.

Our plans to accommodate overcrowding are heavily influenced by our goals of minimizing the impact to current students, ensuring a safe learning environment and developing comprehensive short-term solutions that will address the immediate need to provide temporary relief.  The timing of these decisions will remain flexible, year-to-year, and based on the actual growth we experience in the North Bethany area.

We will work closely with the principals at each school to determine timing of the transitions.  You can expect to receive updates as we implement the plan. In the meantime, please read the two/three documents below for context and feel free to pose questions. We will collect questions and post responses for the community at large.


Jeff Rose, Ed.D. | Superintendent

Superintendent's Overcrowding Decision Making Process

Superintendent's Overcrowding Solutions

Policy JC: School Attendance Areas

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Link to Springville K-8 - Stoller Overcrowding Solutions Committee information